Crafting with Oranges

Well Folks… I finally got my act together and completed a craft. It’s been a little busy here getting the new church up and running. So thank you for your patience!



First wrap the ribbon around the orange to make 4 quadrants. Secure ribbon with hot or tacky glue. After glue has dried, poke one or two holes at a time vertically alongside the ribbon. Insert a clove into each hole. Doesn’t this smell heavenly? I can sense you relaxing already!

Continue doing this along each piece of ribbon. Hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, go rogue! Poke holes anywhere you feel like it and fill them with cloves. It’s your craft project and the goal is to relax and have fun! But, I like order, so I chose to do a double row of cloves along each ribbon line. Then I thought,” Hey, star anise smells nice and I think I have some.” So I glued a star anise in the middle of each quadrant. * Star anise is a pod that looks like a star and smells like licorice.

When you feel like you’re done and happy with the way it looks, let it dry overnight. The next day you can roll it in cinnamon, cloves or allspice. Or, if you prefer a softer touch, dust it on with a paintbrush. You can now hang it in your closet or set it on a shelf. Just be sure that it doesn’t come in direct contact with your clothes. No stain… your gain!

You can also use a few of these clove studded oranges as a centerpiece on your table. Just set them amongst pinecones and/or greenery in a crystal or silver bowl. It looks and smells beautiful. I probably wouldn’t dust them with the spices because I like the orange color to peek out.

Happy Crafting!

Here are some other uses for oranges that I found on the internet:

Finished Product